A data center is a centralized physical facility that stores the businesses’ critical applications and data .It is a Location where computing and networking equipment is used to collect, process and store data as well as to distribute and enable access to resources .

If we want to use upi for payment transfer from one bank to other ,we have register on any upi based app i.e. third party app like Google Pay , Paytm or many more .

How does UPI work?

UPI has made the money transfer process a lot easier. You do not have to…

Packet Switching and Advanced Technique

Packet switching is used in the Internet and most local area networks. The Internet is implemented by the Internet Protocol Suite using a variety of Link Layer technologies. For example, Ethernet and Frame Relay are common.

The advanced version of packet switching are i.e. in other words they are types…

Packet switching is the transfer of small pieces of data across various networks. These data chunks or “packets” allow for faster, more efficient data transfer.

Let us see advantages and disadvantages

Advantages :

Speed : Optimal transmission speed, minimal latency.

Cost : Comparatively cost-effective and simple to implement. Packet switching…

Here , i came with a new blog about http and https .

http and https are the protocols using which the information of website is exchanged between the server and browser of user on the web. But they are different from each other such as inherited class is differ…

Let us see one example. consider Rajesh wants to go from Latur to Mumbai. Here , he has 2 options ,1 st is buy the Car .If he will buy a car, he has to consider the cost of car which is very high ,also he has to think about…

To carry the communication between the people in world through computers and likely devices , the branch arises called “Data Communication and Networking”.

Generally network communication has 3 categories . 1)LAN (Local Area Network) ,2)MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) 3)WAN (Wide Area Network).

LAN : It is communication network that interconnect computer…

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